Steve Kidd

President & Chairman of the Board

Steve Kidd

With so many offices and employees across the country, who keeps track of it all? The person at the top of the operations chain is Steve Kidd, who became President of Mid-State in 2008 and Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2013.

Steve began his career at our Company in November 1978, starting as an OSP Inspector and progressing through the positions of Resident Engineer, OSP Project Engineer, Louisiana Area Manager, Vice-President of OSP Engineering, and Vice-President of Operations before being elected as President.

As President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, his responsibilities include coordinating staffing and projects with Mid-State’s Regional Vice-Presidents and Managers. He also has primary responsibility for management decisions in all facets of Mid-State’s business operations. Steve’s capable leadership allows Mid-State to be a Company that our clients can count on for quality engineering services.


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