Vance Gadd

Vice President, Design/OSP & Corporate Secretary-Treasurer

Vance Gadd

When your project requires a Design/OSP Engineer with extensive knowledge and experience, we have several very capable Senior Project Engineers who can manage a project of any size. One such individual was described by a co-worker as “an excellent example of what an engineer should be”. Vance Gadd puts a great deal of care into any project that is assigned to him. He can be counted on to manage your project from start to finish using years of experience with the knowledge to back it up.

Vance began working for Mid-State in 1985, and worked his way up through the ranks as an Inspector, Resident Engineer, and OSP Project Engineer before being re-assigned to the Design Group. During 2005, Vance worked on-site at a client’s office for several months to complete a special project before returning to the Nephi Office. He was appointed as a Mid-State Corporate Director in January 2006 and as Vice-President in 2008.  In December 2013 Vance was appointed as the Corporate Secretary-Treasurer of Mid-State Consultants.


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