e-TICS Labor, Material & Construction Management

Cost estimating software to support communications network construction

e-TICS Labor, Material & Construction Management<br /><font size =3><em> (e-TICS LMCM)</em>

connecting the dots

Service providers are constantly evaluating new investments and additions to their network. As part of the decision making pro­cess, providers must consider the cost of different network architectures, construction methods, technologies, the cost of labor and materials, as well as the geographic location of construction. Complete project oversight is essential to any network build, expansion or upgrade, consistently monitoring the initial design against the actual construction and compensating contractors based on their completed work. This level of project management is required to assure each capital dollar is well spent.

The e-TICS Labor, Material & Construction Management module (e-TICS LMCM) works in conjunction with e-TICS OSP and e-TICS ISP to automatically generate the list of all materials and labor associated with a new network plan and/or design. e-TICS LMCM automatically calculates the network plan/design costs, identities the materials used, estimates the required labor, tracks the progress of construction and then authorizes payment from the communications company to the contractor only when each phase of construction is approved (integration with Inventory/Accounting/Financial package required). As-built updates are auto­matically reflected in the e-TICS LMCM calculations, adjusting costs and materials used in the project.

e-TICS LMCM can automatically add miscellaneous materials associated with the primary equipment (such as sub-assembly units) and/or any additional labor requirements due to the physical location of the plant to be installed. For instance, a terminal box installed on a pole will require brackets while a terminal installed in a pedestal will not, and e-TICS LMCM will control auto­matically. Similarly, if a pole is installed in clay soil, the labor considered is only for a standard installation; but if the soil type is rocky, e-TICS LMCM will automatically add the extra equipment cost and labor necessary to install the pole.


e-TICS LMCM Features

› Automates activities related to budgeting projects and work orders

› Increases productivity and decreases the timeframe to estimate the costs of new projects

Validates availability of materials and other resources related to a project

Reduces project cost

Enforces standards and adherence to regulations (stan­dard list of materials, particular union requirements in terms of labor)

Facilitates the bidding process among various contractors

Controls payments made to contractors


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