e-TICS Query & Report Builder
e-TICS Report Manager (e-TICS QRB/RM)

Predefined reports and querying tools to create custom reports

e-TICS Query & Report Builder<br />e-TICS Report Manager<font size =3><em> (e-TICS QRB/RM)</em>

connecting the dots

Information about your communications network is essential to support Operations, Engineering, Installation & Repair, Construction, Assignment, Sales & Marketing, Reporting, Financials and Management. Too often the network information is stored in a variety of formats and locations (e.g. spreadsheets in the back office, a database managed by IT, a paper napkin in the jockey box), or limited to only a few who have access to the data. Once you finally gather the data, the next challenge is to compile it in a meaningful way to create useful information for the consumer.

The e-TICS Query & Report Builder module (e-TICS QRB) provides a single point of access to all authorized departments/users in order to compile comprehensive network plant data using an intuitive web-based interface. The web interface has been designed to facilitate minimal keyboard entry, using a drag-and-drop process to add specific tables/fields of information required for a custom report. SQL statements can be used to manipulate the report content together with controls to sort, group, join and perform calculations of the data. Once defined, the custom reports can be saved and stored as part of the e-TICS Report Manager.

The e-TICS Report Manager module (e-TICS RM) includes predefined reports and can include the custom reports (described above), exposing information to all authorized users. Reports can be scheduled to run at certain times, emailed to specific employees, and can be formatted for output in PDF, HTML, CSV, TXT and Excel.

e-TICS QRB/RM Features

Custom report generation via the web (SSL encryption)

Customized reporting using standard SQL statements

Variety of predefined reports available for execution

Data querying to support PUC/FCC information requests

Scheduler for reoccurring reports

Email notification of completed report

Reporting formats include PDF, HTML, CSV, TXT and XLS

All plant information necessary for reporting is stored in a single database


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