e-TICS Spatial Analysis (e-TICS SpatAn)

A virtual sandbox to analyze spatial datasets

e-TICS Spatial Analysis<font size =3><em> (e-TICS SpatAn)</em>

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connecting the dots

Spatial datasets are being created and published at an amazing pace. Much of the public domain spatial information is free or at minimal cost. The requirement for use of these GIS dataset in the communications industry is becoming more prevalent. For example, to identify service capability based on demographics, census block data is becoming a spatial standard for many of the FCC studies. Another example of spatial analysis within the communication company is to merge geographically referenced datasets like fiber/copper networks with county tax precincts, summarizing the cable type by footage and/or totaling other plant units within a polygon boundary.

To access and manipulate spatial datasets, analysis tools are required to perform overlay, proximity, inclusion and exclusion studies. e-TICS uses various Autodesk products as the graphical engine for their OSP applications. Autodesk is a reputable provider of geo-analysis software, a partner who understands the value of spatial information and how to analyze and present the data in various ways through queries, buffers and reports. With Autodesk MAP 3D the user can export data from e-TICS OSP into a virtual geo-analysis sandbox to manipulate information and create new spatial datasets. AutoCAD Map 3D functionality enables engineers, planners, mapping technicians, surveyors, and GIS personnel to access, edit, visualize, and analyze a variety of CAD and spatial data.


e-TICS SpatAn Features

AutoCAD MAP 3D provides extensive geo-analysis functionality

Make decisions about your data by performing buffer, tracing & overlay analysis

Analyze the location, proximity, and orientation of objects

Directly access spatial datasets including SDF, Oracle, SHP, MySQL, SDE, SQL Server, WMS, WFS and Raster

Extract or create new datasets based on a existing spatial objects

Exchange data (read, write, convert) in a variety of CAD and GIS formats

Securely connect and access spatial and tabular data with minimal effort

Create specialized presentation maps with user control of theme, annotation and symbolization


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