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The directors and employees of Mid-State Consultants, Inc. would like to thank you for your interest in our company and the services we offer. We have worked hard to make Mid-State a company that we can be proud of and that you can count on for professional, quality engineering services.

At Mid-State we are proud of our heritage in the industry, with more than five decades of experience in the communications field. We offer a full range of communications engineering services including telephony, data and video networks, computerized mapping and conversion, and construction supervision. We have experience working for a broad spectrum of clientele including local exchange carriers, RBOC's, inter-exchange carriers, competitive access providers, ISP's, cellular and CATV operators.

Our Staff includes professional engineers and support personnel fully versed in all disciplines of communications engineering for voice, video, and data transmission, CATV and broadband, fiber optics, cellular, microwave and other wireless technologies.

Network evaluation and future planning are often the first steps in any construction project. We can assist you with growth forecasting, verification of existing facilities, investigation of potential migration strategies and cost estimates of numerous deployment options.

Our construction design and management services include all phases of inside and outside plant engineering. Our design staff will work with you to outline the specific requirements of each portion of your network. Our field engineers are experienced in staking, supervision and inspection of construction, and acceptance testing. Our own right-of-way agents provide route and site acquisition quickly and efficiently.

With the increase in industry competition, accurate data on company networks, facilities and inventories becomes increasingly vital. At Mid-State, we can accurately and cost-effectively compile information in a format that can truly be put to use. Our CAD department uses the latest technologies to provide plant maps and data records in a large number of software packages and mapping formats. These can then be organized and matched to CPR's, inventories, and other database records.

Our contract supervision services include evaluation of requirements, vendor/contractor pre-acceptance, preparation of specifications, bid procedures and review, contract assembly, construction supervision, test and acceptance, invoice and CPR review, and preparation of final contract documents.

Regardless of what services you require, you will have the security of knowing that your project is being handled by experienced professionals and that you will have the "last word" in all decisions.



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