e-TICS provides integrated data centric applications to manage the company’s network from end-to-end


e-TICS... connecting the dots

e-TICS has been described as a communications ecosystem, designed with data centric applications to manage the company’s network from end-to-end.

A provider's communications infrastructure comprises various, multiple complex technologies, requiring significant capital and resources to operate the network. The obvious objective of a provider is to offer various services that adequately address customer demands and expectations. To assist the provider in satisfying customer expectations for service, behind the scenes at the communications company are numerous OSS/BSS applications and databases. e-TICS consists of software applications and hardware components to support business operations within the company.

e-TICS was conceived to facilitate all activities related to the network plant management; including OSP/ISP inventory and design, optical supervision, fault analysis, facilities management, work orders, property records, spatial analysis and reporting. e-TICS plant objects are ‘smart’ elements that know their own start and end points as well as their inter-connectivity. The system validates engineering rules every time a network action occurs. e-TICS tracks the physical and logical layers of the network, supporting multi-technology systems and equipment. It’s development emphasizes web-based applications with the intent to provide easy access to infrastructure and business data.  e-TICS provides a complete work-flow management process from project inception to conclusion; including work order creation, design, construction, as-built and deployment.


There are literally millions of access lines being managed with the array of e-TICS software applications. Our combined success in this industry is based on values of trust, accountability and the ability to get things done.

Good data, the real asset of your company

Data is fundamental to your business operations. Good data is an asset, inaccurate and/or incomplete data is a liability. Good data becomes a tool in the hands of management to facilitate wise decisions, poor data creates confusion and possible lost opportunities. Technology platforms will come and go… it is the investment in quality data that is the real asset of your company. The focus of e-TICS is an inclusive system to build, manage and maintain quality data to support your communications infrastructure and related activities.

e-TICS Applications

› Outside Plant Inventory & Design (e-TICS OSP)

› Outside Plant WebMap (e-TICS WebMap)

› Inside Plant Inventory & Design (e-TICS ISP)

› Optical Supervision (e-TICS OSup)

› Facilities Management (e-TICS FM)

› Continuing Property Records (e-TICS CPR)

› Query & Report Builder / Report Manager (e-TICS QRB/RM)


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