e-TICS Intelligent Management (e-TICS IM)

Multi-platform, multi-vendor solution to manage communications equipment

e-TICS Intelligent Management<font size =3><em> (e-TICS IM)</em>

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e-TICS Intelligent Management (e-TICS IM) is a “network aware” solution for quickly identifying the root cause of alarms in com­munication networks.

A failure at any single communications network element can quickly propagate, creating an avalanche of problems reported by other related network elements. An Element Management System (EMS) typically manages one vendor and/or one type of equip­ment, lacking a complete view of the network. Identifying the “common cause” of alarms becomes a complex process involving many people and departments. This traditional process normally causes customers to be affected by the failures as services degrade or become unavailable. Long resolution processes of network issues can create perceived service quality concerns and any outage can lead to lost revenue and potentially a lost customer.

e-TICS Intelligent Management acts as a “manager of managers”, centralizing all events occurring in the network. e-TICS IM can collect events directly from the network elements or through the northbound interfaces of the EMSs. Network engineers maintain e-TICS IM’s correlation rules, enabling quick isolation of the root cause of a failure based on each network’s unique structure. e-TICS IM interacts with e-TICS Plant Management (e-TICS OSP/ISP) and e-TICS OSup to precisely locate the point of failure in the network, from network elements to cut fibers. e-TICS IM works with all available sources of information to identify affected circuits, customers and services, automatically requesting the creation of a Trouble Ticket. All actions are performed from a sin­gle platform to quickly and effectively enable a service provider to restore the network to optimal operating status.


Key Benefits of e-TICS IM

Reduce time to repair network problems

Reduce the cost of network maintenance

Accurate network failure diagnosis

Increase network availability

Redirect time saved to revenue generation


Key Features of e-TICS IM

Correlation for identifying common‐cause of alarms

Auto-discovery of network elements and reconciliation with plant records

Direct connection with network elements

Native integration with e-TICS OSup to invoke optical fiber measurements and diagnostics

Native integration with e-TICS Plant Management (e-TICS OSP/ISP)

Integration with Element Management Systems (EMS)


Fault Management and Reports

Integrated view of the entire network

Alarm collection via SNMP with network alarms displayed on a single dashboard

Auto-discovery of network elements

Trouble Ticketing System integration via standardized interfaces, enriched with affected customer/services, facility information, optical measurements, etc.

Presentation in a topology view, with drill-down support and alarm indications

Automated optical fiber measurements via native integra­tion with e-TICS OSup

Flexible report capability - pre-defined or user-defined

Web Access and automatic email notifications in case of faults

Export to various file formats


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