e-TICS Outside Plant WebMap (e-TICS WebMap)

Access your OSP network information via the cloud

e-TICS Outside Plant WebMap<font size =3><em> (e-TICS WebMap)</em>

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Communications is an industry where employees need and expect immediate feedback to satisfy customer requests. It is im­perative for a service provider to enable access to OSP network information throughout the company. Whether it is a technician needing OSP network information to fulfill a service order, a potential business customer inquiring via the marketing and sales staff, or a consumer inquiring via a customer care representative concerning new service, the provider employee needs access to the OSP network information in order to promptly, efficiently and accurately complete the task.

e-TICS Outside Plant WebMap (e-TICS WebMap) delivers on these needs and expectations, enabling “non-technical” GIS users the ability to query, view and print OSP information via a web browser. As an example, with e-TICS WebMap the marketing and sales department can quickly access OSP network information and advise the potential customer during the initial call without involving other departments.

The e-TICS WebMap portal is a tailored environment capable to mix varying data sources in a single view-only presentation, providing users with an interactive tool to select features for inquiry. An extension called e-TICS Spatial Query enables custom querying and thematic rendering through SQL statements. Popular web-based imagery can be under laid to provide detailed landbase geography.

e-TICS WebMap displays the plant information from the same Oracle database as e-TICS OSP, ensuring the records are current with the most recent engineering updates. The plant information viewed in e-TICS WebMap is protected to ensure that no sensi­tive data is unintentionally published. e-TICS WebMap is built on Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server (MapGuide).

e-TICS WebMap Features

Provides OSP map data via the internet/intranet to users throughout the company

Designed for ease of use

Environment capable of mixing varying data sources (census, raster, ESRI SHP, etc.) in a single presentation

Geocoding engine to locate addresses

Aerial imagery to provide detailed geography

Quick plots (i.e. what you see is what you get)

Safeguards to protect sensitive data

Visually locate specific plant or subscriber based on query criteria

On-the-fly thematic mapping from user defined queries

Mouse over (tool tip) information boxes displaying attribute information

Network trace capabilities

Access e-TICS LMCM

Duct percentage fill simulator

Occupied fiber terminal query


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