e-TICS Inside Plant Inventory & Design (e-TICS ISP)

Communications software to design and manage inside plant

e-TICS Inside Plant Inventory & Design<font size =3><em> (e-TICS ISP)</em>

connecting the dots

The network is comprised of Outside Plant and Inside Plant elements with equipment and devices installed inside central offices, remotes, cell sites, business, customer premises, and co-located sites. Inventorying the elements of the physical layer of Inside Plant (racks, sub-racks/slots, equipment, boards, and ports) is fairly simple. A much more difficult task is to manage the logical layer, which includes the paths crossing multiple equipment in the same or different sites, the circuits defined through these paths, and the available capacity. Without such end-to-end network inventory, the engineer’s work to perform a single new circuit design might take hours and require a review of spreadsheets, drawings, and other printed documents.

e-TICS Inside Plant Inventory & Design (e-TICS ISP) enables users to inventory all physical and logical components of networks, regardless of the technology: PDH, SONET, DWDM, RADIO, ETHERNET, GPON, etc. The physical network elements stored in e-TICS ISP include equipment, both single modules as well as complex multi-slot equipment with multiple boards, distribution frames, and physical connections. Equipment and their components like sub-racks, boards, ports, etc., are user-configurable, providing complete flexibility to model any type of device (including very old legacy still existing in some networks). The elements of the logical network layer are mapped onto physical network elements according to their technical specifications, settings and technologies. Engineers can freely define the structure of each technology and capacity partitioning that the company provides. Equipment and network that do not belong to customers are also supported through interconnection points. The network is viewed via an auto-generated schematic representation of the network equipment and connections. Note: Creation of circuits and assignment occurs in e-TICS Facilities Management (FM).

e-TICS ISP and e-TICS OSP information is seamlessly integrated in a single database. This integration allows end-to-end circuit traces starting with an equipment port at a Customer Premises, identifying all the physical cables and interconnecting the ports, passing through the logical layer and terminating at the Customer Premises equipment port at the other end.

e-TICS ISP Features

Supports PDH, SDH/SONET, xWDM, xDSL, Radio, IP and Cellular networks

Logical information is recorded and managed according to the network layer hierarchy

Equipment modeling capabilities to add any device into the database, no matter the vendor, technology, and physical structure

Network and equipment schematic views, including trac­es through the entire network

Seamless integration with e-TICS OSP

Support network design and scenario analysis

Network design support and project life cycle control via Work Orders

Integration of inside plant information with other operation support applications to maximize service effectiveness

Built for the cloud, complete web-browser user interface

Physical records include network equipment, boards, ports, distribution frames, patch panels, and their physical connections

Logical structure is defined according to technical features, configurations and technologies

Leased equipment and networks are supported as interconnection points for other providers or customer’s equipment

Integrated with the e-TICS IM to provide the equipment inventory information and reconciliation


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