e-TICS Optical Supervision (e-TICS OSup)

Real-time monitoring of the optical network

e-TICS Optical Supervision<font size =3><em> (e-TICS OSup)</em>

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The combination of e-TICS Optical Supervision (e-TICS OSup) hardware and software enables the communications provider a view of its network to quickly troubleshoot, find fault locations, and perform proactive maintenance procedures. e-TICS OSup constantly monitors network events, identifies failures/degradation, runs diagnostics and alerts operators of problems. e-TICS OSup manages both dark and live fibers, reducing service disruption by precisely locating failures. e-TICS OSup includes modules for supervising optical networks (backbone and access) and networks with DWDM systems (integrated with MOSA II).

A fully deployed e-TICS OSup solution enables network operators to know when an event has interrupted service as well as where the failure has occurred, what was the cause of the failure, and who has been affected (when fully integrated with BSS). e-TICS OSup exports data in several different formats including CSV, PDF, HTML, mobile apps and others. Information is generated from a single source to share throughout the enterprise, enabling more cohesive, efficient and effective operations.

Unlike most equipment vendors who provide monitoring centered on traditional OTDR functions, e-TICS OSup performs sophisticated fault analysis based on optical measurements in tandem with identifying the physical location of the equipment and fiber routes. Enhanced supervision extends throughout all corners of the network, from the central office to the backbones, all the way out to the customer premises.

The e-TICS OSup Remote Supervision Unit (RSU) integrates an industrial CPU, display-less OTDR and optical switch which is ca­pable of monitoring up to 36 Supervision Routes, reaching over 60 miles on each route. The range can be further extended using optional OTDR transponders, which would allow the monitoring signal to reach distances over 90 miles.

e-TICS OSup continually compares new measurements (taken on demand or according to a pre-configured schedule) against a reference measurement (created when the network operation is optimal). When any measurement crosses the alarm threshold, e-TICS OSup notifies the network operator of a fault or potential problem and provides a location for technicians to restore service (both the optical distance from the CO and the physical distance from elements in the field), including details on a physical map of the area.

A Multi-Platform, Multi-Vendor Solution To Manage, Monitor & Diagnose Optical Networks1

Identifies and locates fiber cable faults (lit or dark fiber)

Routine testing and diagnostics performed automatically by Remote Supervision Units (RSU)

WDM units used to insert the OTDR test signal and to ingress and egress around nodes/network elements, thus eliminating the need for multiple OTDRs/RSUs

On average between 800 and 2,400 miles of fiber cable supervised per OTDR/RSU

Pinpoints cable fault location without a truck roll

Mobile app for Android and iOS devices

1) Automation of alarm events, filtering and correlation of alarms requires e-TICS IM & OSP Modules


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