Main Title: e-TICS Continuing Property Records (e-TICS CPR)

Track the value of your plant with e-TICS

Main Title:	e-TICS Continuing Property Records<font size =3><em> (e-TICS CPR)</em>

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For communications companies who are required to report information about their asset base, e-TICS Continuing Property Records (e-TICS CPR) provides an effective method to separate and maintain the plant units of property with their associated cost. A complete CPR is more detailed than simply printing an inventory report of plant; in general terms it applies to the way a company keeps track of the value of their assets, the basis for regulated earnings (rate base), and the taxable liability of assets. CPR information identifies the plant account activity and historical data. It must provide details to accurately account for plant retirements, supply data to support depreciation studies, and include information to physically locate the property unit. CPR information can provide a comprehensive record for insurance compensation in the event of significant damage to plant. Aside from supporting the auditors who regularly request verification of the plant inventory for taxation purposes, maintaining a CPR is a good business practice for a company to make more informed decisions in their day to day operations.

e-TICS CPR incorporates all the necessary functions to facilitate the accounting of your OSP network plant value. The program will record and maintain cost information for OSP items based on plant additions and retirements necessary for settlements in accord with plant accounting procedures. With integrated web-services to transfer the e-TICS OSP data to the CPR module, the entire process of accounting for the labor, material and overhead costs associated with a work order is simplified. e-TICS CPR provides an environment to store OSP cost data in a single location and verify the accuracy of the GL with plant records.

Because CPR often requires detailed unit manipulation in order to match work order invoice costs, the e-TICS CPR module includes a unique dual grid interface with an on-screen work area to quickly work (and rework) CPR units prior to committing any revisions to the live database. The dual grid displays running totals, eliminating the need for manual calculations. The e-TICS CPR module is designed to provide a straightforward, intuitive process to maintain continuing property records.

e-TICS CPR Features

Built-in utilities to set and adjust costs across multiple or individual units

Ability to facilitate spreading and dividing costs over mass units and break units down to individual values

Customizable account codes per company standard

Includes standard accounting reports with ability to view custom reports

Add adjustment entries, mass update records, and view historical data

OSP work orders provide input to the CPR database, avoiding manual entry of units

Quickly sort, total and edit data

Ability to build and save queries to access specific information

Capabilities to export specific CPR unit data to common formats (XML or CSV)

Dual grid interface provides on-screen totals of both selected and total unit values, enabling the user to revise numbers before committing values to the live database


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