e-TICS Facilities Management (e-TICS FM)

Plant assignment from end-to-end

e-TICS Facilities Management<font size =3><em> (e-TICS FM)</em>

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Providers may see the network as static in nature, changing only when a new design is created. This view is derived from the static nature of schematics and printed maps, but networks are very dynamic. The network is constantly changing due to new services being provisioned, new customers moving in or out of an area, new point-to-point circuits created between different customer locations and different cities, etc. It is through the management of these network facilities that a company can quickly identify where resources are at risk of exhaustion, market campaigns must be developed to increase the network occupation, where recurring problems require a redesign or expansion, etc.

e-TICS Facilities Management (e-TICS FM) is responsible for the operations side of the networks created by e-TICS OSP and e-TICS ISP, providing capabilities to identify the most appropriate facilities to serve a new customer location, assign these facili­ties upon request of a CRM system, occupy these facilities once the services are activated, and indicate which services are pro­vided through the circuit created. e-TICS FM manages both FTTH and copper circuits for traditional services, as well as complex multi-technology point-to-point circuits involving radio, optical, copper, and coax, transported over PDH, SONET, Ethernet, DWDM, etc. e-TICS FM has both a physical and a logical view of all network facilities and assignments.

e-TICS FM can identify if an address can be served based on a set of parameters, including a serving area defined in e-TICS OSP around a serving terminal, or considering a user-provided radius around the address, indicating which serving terminals fall inside this area. Assignments can be performed automatically, via web services calls, or manually through the e-TICS FM web browser. Special circuits, such as PxP, are assigned manually, via e-TICS FM web browser, with engineers selecting existing logi­cal routes or creating new routes, and selecting available ports to connect. Once the circuits are activated, they become available via e-TICS ISP, where e-TICS FM users can display the entire layout record, end to end.


e-TICS FM Features

Controls the allocation of facilities to circuits, and circuits to customers/services

Handles both traditional FTTH/POTS/DSL and special (PxP) circuits – physical/logical

Traditional circuits can be managed (including assign­ment and disconnects) both automatically (via web services) or manually

Identifies the best facilities to serve the customer address

Provides maneuvering capabilities to switch facilities in case of failures

Reports to monitor available capacity still existing in serving terminals

Circuit records available for display in e-TICS OSP/ISP

Accessible via the web


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