Network Evaluation and Design

Excellence in Communications Engineering

Planning is essential to any successful project. Properly conducted network evaluation and design will take the guesswork out of determining which areas of your network need improvement, as well as determining priorities and setting project goals. Is it time to replace your copper distribution network with fiber? Does Fiber to the Node make more sense if you use technologies such as vectoring and bonding to leverage existing copper plant? Are expanded wireless services the answer?

Mid-State’s engineering team includes specialists in all plant categories (copper, fiber optic, coax, wireless) as well as central office, head end, broadcast, transport, cellular, and access network systems. We can evaluate your existing network to identify problem areas, and develop a comprehensive design to guide future improvements and expansion. Whether the design is intended as a stand-alone project, or integrated as part of a financing package (such as an RUS loan) and tailored to the specific requirements of the lender, we will work with you to meet your exact needs.


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