Experence and skills for essentially all aspects of wireless and broadcast engineering.


Migrating toward the ultimate goal of a secure, all-IP network.


You know what you what to build, where, and when.  Can it be built?


What, When, How - a hard look at the fundamentals of the goal can begin the process.


Planning and Design

A prerequisite for a successful project is a well thought out and agreed-upon plan.  To avoid costly delays and mistakes, the more variables that can be identified and addressed the better.  Experience plays a major role in knowing what potential issues could arise, what effects they may have, and how best to handle them.  Communication is key to ensure that goals and deadlines are defined and achievable.


The design process builds upon the plan by digging deeper into quantifiable elements such as potential facility sizes and placement locations, subscriber counts, utilization of existing assets, and other applicable project elements to generate initial cost estimates and illustrative documentation such as design maps and diagrams.


The completed planning and design documentation provide specific guidance to the later processes of Outside and Inside Plant Engineering.


Outside Plant Engineering

The successful implementation of Planning and Design on the physical network elements is the responsibility of Outside Plant (OSP) Engineering.  In full coordination with our Design and Right-Of-Way team members, our OSP engineers turn a high-level design into a detailed set of plans and specifications complete with construction drawings, permits, detailed cost estimates, and contract documents.  Additionally, OSP Engineering assists with all phases of the construction process including bid procurement, contract administration, construction supervision, and as-built documentation.


• Field Engineering

Field Engineering is the process whereby our experienced Outside Plant engineers canvas a project area making observations and taking measurements to determine the physical placement of new facilities.  This information is recorded on construction drawings (traditionally referred to as Staking Sheets), which provide a pictorial representation of the project for subsequent construction crews.  The construction drawings include a detailed bill of materials, from which overall unit totals and estimated project costs are derived.

Plans and Specifications

The components of the plans and specifications vary depending upon the task at hand, and are tailored to the target audience and contract type. Plans and Specifications spell out in clear and unambiguous terms how the work is to be performed, designate responsibilities between the contractor/vendor and owner, and provide all necessary prints, maps, schematics, diagrams, or other graphical representations so that everyone involved knows what they are tasked to do.

Bid Procurement, Evaluation, and Award

Procuring, evaluating, and awarding project bids can be a time consuming process, requiring a considerable amount of oversight, Q and A sessions, and follow through. No matter what the project, Mid-State Consultants can provide or assist with coordinating these items, including:

• Compile approved contractor/vendor list
• Send out notice to bidders
• Prepare bid packages
• Conduct pre-bid meeting/conference
• Bid opening and evaluation/award
• Contract Assembly

Contract Administration and Project Management 

Contract Administration duties vary depending upon the type of contract, but in general terms include keeping track of construction or installation progress, preparing all necessary progress reports, processing any change orders and contract amendments, and making sure that all parties adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract. Project Management (including Test and Acceptance services) not only serve to satisfy contract requirements but also enhance client peace of mind by incorporating checks and balances into the project, ensuring that everything that is supposed to get done actually does, and that the final product meets or exceeds contract specifications. Contract Administration also includes the preparation of all necessary closeout documents upon project completion.

As-Built Documentation

Accurate as-built documentation is essential for all outside plant projects, and provides vital data for everything from continuing property records to utility locating services. The information can be formatted to integrate seamlessly with other geospatial elements such as landbase and utility information from local city and county governments, existing client record mapping systems, or state-of-the-art full featured GIS systems. 


Inside Plant Engineering

The ever-expanding telecommunications landscape provides unprecedented possibilities for voice, video, and data services. The challenge is to leverage existing infrastructure to its fullest and make smart investments in new technologies - to exceed consumer demands while staying ahead of the competition.  A complete plan can migrate toward the ultimate goal of a secure, all IP network.


Consumers want convenience and simplicity, which in turn demands an attentive eye towards flexible delivery options and management.  The industry buzzwords includes 5G, next generation WiFi, virtualization, and automation.  Reliability is paramount, requiring quality equipment and up-to-date power systems.

Mid-State will work with your teams to develop and implement a flexible plan that grows with you.


Switching, Access and Transport for Voice, Video, & Data Traffic

Capabilities and options for switching, access, and transport continue to evolve and expand, even as market forces inexorably reduce and consolidate the available players. Modern Class 5 softswitches have capabilities far beyond merely directing PSTN traffic. Access and transport vendors continue to innovate, enabling ever higher bandwidth capacities and distances. In today’s cut-throat marketplace there is no other option; consumers are demanding all access, all the time to their voice, video, and data, and if Company A can’t deliver there is no hesitation to switching to Company B.

Mid-State doesn’t want you to simply compete in this environment, we want you to thrive. Our engineers will help you cut through the alphabet soup of industry acronyms and protocols, helping you make sense of the available technologies and maximize your network capabilities.

• Video Engineering

Are you looking to deploy targeted OTT / IPTV, or upgrade your existing CATV system? Or perhaps you want to explore options. Mid-State can help. All projects are somewhat unique, and our involvement may include one or more of the following:

• Selecting Middleware and other video tools & services

• Engineering for deployment to multiple devices

• Product evaluation                                          

• Integration with existing facilities, and coaxial design (if or when necessary)

• Network management

• Acceptance testing and troubleshooting

IP & IT Review and Management

In most communications company networks, total data traffic greatly exceeds voice traffic. Data switching, routing, monitoring, and transporting continue to increase in importance. Mid-State’s engineers include data specialists who can analyze your network and propose solutions and upgrades that will integrate with your other equipment and facilities to carry your company into the future. All of our designs include consideration of the total bandwidth that can be delivered, and migration paths to the anticipated future demands. An “all IP” network should be the ultimate goal, not just a wish. Managing the myriad of data traffic will become increasingly important as subscribers seek content from many different sources.

Equipment Sites

Electronic wizardry is only part of the inside plant picture. For maximum reliability, these devices require stable electrical power delivery systems and often need climate controlled environments. No matter the deployment – central office, head end, equipment shelter, or cabinet - Mid-State can create a plan to integrate new equipment into your existing sites, or establish new sites as conditions require. We can assist with overall equipment layouts, power distribution systems, emergency generators, climate control, security, fire suppression systems, and grounding to provide your valuable equipment a proper installation.



Wireless / Broadcasting Engineering

The options for wireless broadband have continued to improve over the last several years and offer a genuine alternative in many geographic areas to other more costly delivery methods.  In some rural areas wireless is the only cost effective way to provide modern broadband.  Mid-State has wireless specialists on staff who can work through the myriad options available and help tailor a solution that is right for your network.


Our Broadcast engineering expertise includes the skills required by local and national television broadcasters for planning and implementation of such tasks as frequency relocation, reorganization, protection, and optimization.

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