Ask for Permission, not Forgiveness

It would be a convenient world if space was always set aside for the construction of communication facilities everywhere human beings choose to live.  In the real world the situation is not so straightforward.  Public agencies and private entities have legal ownership, stewardship authority, or other interest literally everywhere.  Having a dedicated team on your side that understands the issues and can be counted on to follow through the various processes to obtain the necessary permits, easements, and other documents for your project is invaluable.  It only takes one missing permit to slam the brakes on a project, or one unhappy property owner to land your company in litigation.  Mid-State has a team of professionals that focus exclusively on Right – Of – Way and associated issues who take on the often daunting task of making sure all the boxes are checked on every proposed construction route for our clients.

Environmental, Archaeological, and Historical

Tread Lightly and Respectfully

The widespread availability of modern telecommunications and broadband connectivity must not come at the expense of unnecessary environmental or archaeological impact.  Plants, animals, and insects do not concern themselves with how their presence in an area may or may not upset the well laid plans of your fiber optic construction project.  Archaeological sites are a fragile and irreplaceable window into understanding our past, and must be addressed carefully, respectfully, and avoided entirely if possible.  Wetlands pose specific challenges.  Projects funded by Federal programs and loans are required to adhere to a comprehensive set of rules intended to protect and preserve critical habitat, historical structures, and cultural areas.  Mid-State meets these challenges head-on, coordinating with all necessary and relevant agencies to ensure your project receives the green light to proceed.

Field Inventory and GPS

What and Where

“Desktop” engineering will only get you so far.  Many projects require on-site physical verification of existing cable plant and “make ready” assessment of aerial infrastructure.  Reporting obligations tied to federal funding sources require accurate locations of existing and potential subscriber locations.  Mid-State approaches these challenges head on, using the latest state-of-the-art data acquisition tools and trained personnel with years of experience.

Construction Supervision

Field Services

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